5 Secrets to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck

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If you were like me, frustrated with constant neck-pain that just wouldn’t go away, this post is for you! These are the 5 things that have had the BIGGEST impact on how my neck feels, and they will help you be pain-free too!


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The First Secret to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck is to Strengthen Your Spine and Shoulders

Your entire body is made up of a series of pieces called joints. Movement is a problem that your body is trying to solve with the pieces you have available. When joints like your shoulders and spine aren’t strong, your body relies more on your neck to move.


That repetitive reliance on your neck, over time, causes more tightness and pain. By exercising and strengthening your spine and shoulders, your neck will begin to loosen and feel better. This is an easier and more comfortable way to improve how your neck feels because you don’t have to worry about further upsetting your back muscles.


The Second Secret to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck is Resistance Training for Your Entire Body

One of the best things you can do for your neck, and your overall health is resistance training for your entire body. Resistance training will increase the strength of your muscles. Stronger muscles mean more mobility, ease of movement, and support for your neck (and less pain).


Strong muscles will allow you to hold posture and positions better so that you can do activities you love, for longer. Stronger muscles will absorb more stress from activities, thereby relieving your neck. Because muscles move you, if they are stronger you will be able to move your neck the way you want for longer. This means less pain, less discomfort, and more freedom!


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The Third Secret to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck is to Relax

Many people carry excess tension in their necks. As they get stressed and frustrated, their neck muscles tense causing pain, aches, and tightness. If you find yourself getting stressed for whatever reason, it helps to take a moment and do a minute of deep breathing.


Deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth has been shown to alleviate stress and relax you. You’ll move from fight or flight mode, into rest mode, which will help that neck tension release. Bonus points if you can run yourself a 30 minute epsom salt bath.


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The Fourth Secret to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck is Not to Stretch (activate instead!)

The number one mistake most people make is that they stretch their neck. While this gives some temporary relief, it rarely lasts. Your neck is tight and achy because it is overworking to support you, kind of like a load bearing pillar in a house. What happens when you remove strength from a pillar? There is less support. Stretching is like weakening one of the pillars of your neck.


Instead, you should be adding more pillars in the form of neck strength in the positions you are currently weak in. By doing gentle exercise for your neck in multiple directions, dormant muscles will become more active and start supporting your neck. As the support increases, your neck will become less tight and achy!


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The Fifth Secret to a Healthier, Looser, Pain-Free Neck is to Find the Root Cause of your Neck Issue

At Glen Owen Personal Training, I help your neck pain go away by knowing what areas of your body need support and strengthening. My process includes a thorough assessment of your body which gives us the information we need to start helping your neck and body TODAY!


I work with people like you who are frustrated because they’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work. If you are ready to have a process designed for you, contact me today.


If you’d like more FREE content on how to have a pain-free neck, check out this online community!


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